My heart may have momentarily stopped beating…

…when I walked into my kitchen – my kitchen with white cabinets – and saw my two year old daughter holding this:

Thankfully for all involved, I must have found her right as she pulled the lid off. No permanent artwork was anywhere to be found.

This monster Sharpie was hidden away inside a drawer, but it called to her from inside that deep dark abyss and she found it.

Gotta watch this one. She’s a tricky trickster.

10 comments on “My heart may have momentarily stopped beating…

  1. JD when he was three destroyed two couches and a coffe table. The “marker monster”, resides in every home the has young children. Consider yourself lucky you stopped her before someone got hurt.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think the Magic Eraser would have saved you that time.

    You do know that it’s gonna happen, don’t you? Hopefully not with a magic marker, but one of those precious little people will leave their mark sometime soon on your gleaming new house, I suspect…

  3. Lauryn’s eldest uncle…when he was about 4 got one of those markers and along with a playmate ‘painted’ the babysitters house and themselves. We washed that boy for a month to get all that black off and were informed by the sitter…”Never bring him back here again!”

    1. Definitely not a fan of Versace cobarlolation, especially after some comments miss Donatella has given afterwards. Enjoyed their leather pieces, but as I am on a tight budget, couldn't buy them even if I wanted to.Back to your outfit: it looks really great, I like that kimono very, very much 🙂 have a great weekend! xoxo

    2. I love this, the idea of the boxer losing it on a dime was what really intrigued me about that story, as it did most of the students. The racial language was heard to read, and the questions around incest were fascinating, and in Hemingway fashion only alluded to. Hemingway is really one big allusion to a story he’lll never tell you—more and more the art of not telling the story comes to define him. But the emptiness is rich.

  4. Couldn’t resist leaving a comment on this one-just in case it happens again and you’re not so lucky!

    When my youngest was 3 she drew a beautiful picture of me with a Sharpie on my brand new coffee table. I “erased” it with Soft Scrub with bleach. It removed the black but kept the finish on the table. Also works on crayon creations on newly painted walls!

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