I’m usually not one for conspiracy theories and such.


My much loved mini-van was paid off last month.

And within the last few months, the cruise control, driver’s side window, and windshieldwiper-fluid-sprayer-thingie have each stopped functioning.

Is there some kind of programming wired into cars to make them stop working the moment they are paid off??? I am starting to wonder.

It’s pretty irritating to take a road trip with no cruise control, no way to clean the bug guts off your windshield, and a window that won’t roll down. Not to mention it’s a little embarrassing opening your entire door at the fast food drive-thrus.

But I will not be buying a new van. I am driving this one until it will drive no longer. Maybe I can part with some money to fix some of it’s woes, even though I was looking forward to spending that van payment elsewhere.

After years of faithful service, she is turning against us.

One thought on “Conspiracy

  1. Totally understand!! Even though we have never “paid off” a car (they have all be given to us) They do seem to start having trouble at the worst possible moment.

    Our “Check Engine Soon” light came on yesterday……..

    Just another grest oppertunity to see God’s provision in our lives!

    Thank you JESUS!

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