I really thought I’d use that hor’devours platter.

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Catrina Edgar. Some of her many achievements include running a marathon, climbing Dog Mountain in the Colombia River Gorge (with a toddler strapped to her back!!), and taking breath-taking photographs on the beauty surrounding her in Oregon. She is mom to two beautiful children, wife to a husband just named chief resident of neurology, wine connoisseur, hiking enthusiast, and blogger extraordinaire. You can find her writing and incredible photographs at Sipping Chardonnay.

As I was in my garage the other day glancing at some of the unpacked boxes that didn’t quite make the cut for occupying space on the inside of our tiny house, I realized (after taking a very quick mental inventory) that most of the contents stored in those boxes are the rarely (more like never) used appliances and gadgets Eric and I received as gifts on our wedding day. Gifts that we actually selected as part of our wedding registry. “How did this happen?” I asked myself. And how many young couples are falling victim to scanning just about anything with a barcode when it comes to the gift registry, only to render it completely useless six months after the I do’s? Surely we weren’t the only ones. SURELY.

“But how do you get around such an issue?” I contemplated even more. Then suddenly it hit me, like a swift kick to the rear. Wouldn’t it be more practical to shower a newly married couple with gifts, say, just after purchasing their first home together, or when they’ve been married long enough to at least know who’s really going to be doing the cooking, cleaning, and caretaking—and what items will be needed to effectively accomplish such tasks? Because if that were the case, I am fairly certain I wouldn’t have a food dehydrator, bread machine, and quesadilla maker (just to name a few) collecting dust and taking up precious space in my garage. Rather, I’d be marveling at the quickness in which I can dice an onion with knives sharp enough to sever a finger. I’d be sipping my wine from beautiful Riedel stemware. And I’d totally be sawing logs on 700-thread count satin sheets for crying out loud!

Pure BRILLIANCE!!! Right? Well, at least my fellow non-conventionalists out there are nodding in agreement. While I really don’t think anything like this would ever come to fruition, I would whole-heartedly embrace any of my yet-to-be-married friends brave enough to even suggest it. But regardless of whether or not you concur with my proposed amendment to the current marital constitution, I’m sure you have some of those “what were we thinking?” items laying around your house, or packed away in your garage–or better yet, already donated to charity. Spill it. We want to hear all about ‘em!

4 comments on “I really thought I’d use that hor’devours platter.

  1. Catrina – my personal “what was a I thinking?” wedding registry story is that I only registered for FOUR sets of nice dinner plates. FOUR. Hello?? What was I thinking? I already have a family of five!! So I don’t even have enough for us to use as a family, let alone if we have company over. Oh the things I wish I had known when I was 20. :-)

  2. I’m still hanging on to the ice cream maker my husband and I were so fortunate to have received on our wedding day (10 years ago). It too, is taking up space and collecting dust in the top shelf in the garage! Happy blogging to you both! ~Carmen (Catrina’s sister)

  3. Well, we’re a pancake family, but I didn’t know that at the time (when I registered for that insanely expensive Belgian waffle maker). It’s still SOMEWHERE in a random closet, I’m sure.

  4. I love this post…..especially since I get a “do over” registery! LOL!

    I guess if you are going to go through the pain of getting a divorce you should get the joy of registering correctly 10 years later!! HA!

    I have dishes, silverware, and towels galore as well as the wonderful products of gift registery #1…unused juicers and chip/salsa trays!!

    So…my sister is throwing me a home improvement party since I have to revamp my den and turn it into a master bedroom! Ha! You know you are from Oklahoma when…. you register at the local Lowe’s for your wedding!! Woot Woot!

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