Anyone out there have a good friend that you’ve had since childhood? I am blessed to have a handful of such friends. One of them, Danielle, now lives right in here Lubbock!

It’s a huge blessing, her living here – like having a little piece of my hometown right down the street. She knows all about Sand Springs, OK….Charles Page High School…and knows and loves my family as well. We’ve been friends since we were 8 years old, and I can’t overstate how nice it is living so close to someone I share some history with.

Danielle,her husband, and their beautiful baby girl, moved to Lubbock about three months ago, when her husband got a job offer here. They put their house in Page, AZ on the market, and moved before it sold.

They are loving it here in West Texas….but their house back in AZ still hasn’t sold. The cost of paying a mortgage on a house in Page, plus paying rent to live in Lubbock until the house sells, is making things a wee bit tight.

So faithful readers, I’m asking you to target a prayer in the direction of Page, AZ. See how I’ve even circled it for you on this handy map?

Please ask the Lord to bring the right buyer. And quickly!


I wanted to post a “then” and “now” picture of us, but since I’m unwilling to dig through yet unpacked boxes in my garage for an old picture, the best I can manage is the “now.” So imagine a picture right beside this one, of the two of us 22 years ago.

One thought on “TARGET: Page, AZ

  1. I can’t thank you enough for putting this on your blog for us…Where two or more are gathered in His name it shall be done according to His purpose!!! I know w/the faithful prayers we will be going back to Page and loading up the UHaul!!! I’m am so totally blessed to have had you my life-long friend! I’m very glad to be here w/you as well… P.S. Why does my face look a totally different color than my neck?? :)

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