not so alarming

Tonight all three kids were sitting on the couch, the boys playing a Cars video game, Lauryn observing.

The smoke alarm starts violently blaring an incessant BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.

NONE of them even budge. Ryan calmly says “The pizza is ready” and not a single eye is even momentarily averted from the TV.

So yes….this time the smoke alarm was again set off by my burning something in the oven. But it might have been a real emergency! Geesh!

My (non)cooking skills are training my children that the smoke alarm merely means dinner is ready. Sigh.

4 comments on “not so alarming

  1. We have a smoke alarm in the kitchen. It goes off while makeing tost or whenever we open the oven door. The boys now go and grap a book or paper and wave it around in the air to make it stop.

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