I try to be crafty sometimes. With various degrees of success.

While watching Good Morning America yesterday, they had a segment about easy crafts for kids. I was inspired to try and help the kids make some “yarn bowls.”

You will need:
Elmer’s glue

Step 1: Cut yarn into strips and soak in a bowl of Elmer’s glue. Dylan was all over this step. Getting to put his fingers in a bowl full of glue? Right up his alley.

Lauryn, however, was not so into Step 1. She tried to get her yarn soaked in glue while never getting her fingers anywhere near the “yucky” (I quote) stuff.

Step 2: After yarn is glue soaked, pull out an individual strand.

Step 3: Drape glue soaked strands of yarn over a balloon that you have secured in a bowl with tape.

Step 4: Let the yarn/glue/balloon creation dry over night. Ideally…the balloons should have much more yarn covering them, but my kids got bored.

Step 5: After glue is completely dry, pop the balloon, and the yarn keeps the shape of a bowl. Everyone, all together now: Ooohh….ahhh….!!! Except, we didn’t really use enough yarn for it to be much of a bowl. Not a bowl that will hold anything anyway. Oh well.

At least it makes a good wig.

Click pictures to enlarge. If you so wish.

3 comments on “I try to be crafty sometimes. With various degrees of success.

  1. AWESOME! I am proud of your craft-making skills! Did you actually have that many colors of yarn or did you buy it specifically for this project??? Just wondering!

  2. We had to make a special Wal-Mart trip to secure the yarn. So they each picked out the color they wanted. (They each picked a multi-color bundle.)Any ideas with what I can do with all this leftover yarn? 🙂 I ashamed that as a children pastor’s wife I don’t already know of a million yarn projects…

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