Ryan’s biggest achievement this t-ball season: He has gotten a hit each time he’s stepped up to the tee. He’s also perfected sliding into home. Even if no one is anywhere near him.

My biggest achievement this t-ball season: The child has had sparkling white pants for each and every game. Even with his aforementioned habit of sliding into home almost every single time he scores and dirtying his little tooshie, I’ve managed to have his uniform clean twice a week every week. It’s a victory worth celebrating.

Bleach and I are becoming acquainted like never before thanks to those white uniform pants.

I know, because you’ve told me, that some of you are horrified that I don’t routinely bleach my whites. I know some of you bleach your whites each and every load. Sadly, ensuring that nothing of color has snuck into my white load is too big of a commitment for me to make. So I remain bleach-less. And yes, our socks can get a bit on the dingy side. But seeing as our socks are generally tucked away out of sight in our shoes, I have decided not to lose sleep over it.

2 comments on “Achievements

  1. That IS a huge achievement! Good for you. Oh…and I don’t use bleach every time either. I have absolutely no clue if this is true, but I had heard some time ago that bleaching every time would break down the fabric faster. That’s the excuse I use, anyway. :-)

  2. We don’t even OWN bleach. And our socks are dingy too. I’ve always been a little scared to use bleach for some reason, like I’m gonna screw everything up. I think I’ll go buy some today and look it up online how to properly bleach my socks. I’m feeling suddenly inspired. :-)

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