Words Per Minute


I took this test mostly to see how my typing compares with my mom. An administrative assistant for most of her adult life, that woman’s typing speed is almost supernatural. I sent her the link. No pressure mom, but I expect you to nearly double my score. :-)

(Full Disclosure: I had to take the test about four times to get a score of 63! I thought anything less than 60 was too embarrassing to post.)

Update: Here’s my mom’s speed, with zero mistakes. Anyone faster and still as accurate?

4 comments on “Words Per Minute

  1. The funny thing about that was how MANY times I had to take it before achieving a single interruption-free minute!!!! Kid crying, phone ringing, kid yelling at sibling, etc.

    65WPM is the best I could pull out. A little disappointed in that! I used to be a solid 75WPM!!

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