So it begins…

Ryan has tee-ball practice on Monday’s and Friday’s.

Dylan recently signed up for soccer and we just got the first call from his coach; his practices start on Thursday.

With church on Wednesday’s, that leaves Tuesdays as our only free night. Until Lauryn is old enough to sign up for something….

I need a hybrid mini-van.

One thought on “So it begins…

  1. Fun, fun times! Well, believe it or not, it could be worse! At least Ryan and Dylan don’t both have practice on the same night at basically the same time at 2 completely different practices! Then, you would almost need a double of yourself!! I hear you on that hybrid mini-van thing. I seriously can’t believe the gas prices! I am just SO thankful that we don’t live in Maine and don’t have to pay for OIL heat anymore!!!

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