confusion abounds

Ryan randomly says to Dylan at breakfast:

“Remember when you were in the Christmas Play?”

“Yep. I was a moose.”

“No Dylan, you were a King.”

“A moose.”

I’m listening from my bedroom while I’m putting on my make-up, and this back and forth dialog continues for quite some time. “KING!” “Moose.” “KING!” “Moose.”

Finally they come to me to resolve the conflict. Ryan is up in arms, but Dylan is pretty calm. The whole time I’ve been listening, I’m assuming that Dylan is just persisting that he was a moose to irritate Ryan. A moose? In the Christmas story? Not sure how that would fit….

So I say to Dylan, “You were a king Dylan, remember you wore the yellow crown?”

“Okay Mommy, then I was a King AND a Moose.”

“Dylan, are you just teasing?”

“NO MOMMY! Remember? The t-shirt I made and wore in the play?”

Actually, it does kinda look like a moose. Apparently no one told him it’s supposed to be a reindeer.

If not for a random conversation 3 months after Christmas, the kid might have gone his whole life wondering why he played The Moose King in the Christmas play.

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