Adventures in Potty Land

After two successful days of potty training at home, I decided that I would take Lauryn out of the house wearing big girl panties today.

All week, I’ve been promising the kids we would meet Jonathan at McDonald’s for lunch today. I don’t know if I should feel awesome or lame about the fact that I can make my kids think a trip to McDonald’s is as exciting as a trip to Six Flags. But that’s a post for another day.

So when we left home, I was full of confidence that she would stay dry. Felt good about it. No worries. We ate our lunch (fries instead of apple slices and Hi-C instead of apple juice – in celebration of Spring Break), and I’m still feelin’ pretty confident.

After we ate, we headed to the play land. My attempts at getting her to use the restroom before playing were fruitless…..and I had let her drink an entire cup of Hi-C.

So I’m sitting there watching her play, and I suddenly start to panic.

What was I thinking?? Two successful days at home is not sufficient time for an out-of-the-house panty trip!!! Am I insane!?!

I nervously start to wonder what I’ll do if my daughter decides to pee her pants at the top of the play land, contaminating the slide on her trip down. Would I tell an employee? Round up the kids and make a break for the emergency exit? Would they have to clear the play room of the millions of mom’s and their kids’ enjoying Thursday’s $1.50 Happy Meal Day, while someone cleans up my daughter’s bio-hazardous material? (In reality, I’m sure some kid has a leaky diaper every other day in that nasty germ hotel, but in my panic I wasn’t thinking clearly.)

So, before this imagined scenario could become a reality, I gathered the kids up and we headed home. Lauryn stayed dry the entire trip and asked to use the bathroom when we got home. So all is well in the potty training department today. My panic was unfounded.

Ryan, however, did spill a full cup of blue Powerade on the way home (I let them have their drinks in the van because it’s Spring Break! Gotta live it up!), so the day wasn’t completely catastrophe free. Wouldn’t be a full day without at least one small “incident.”

The potty-princess with her McDonald’s Happy Meal loot.

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  1. Totally jealous! Benny loves sitting on the toilet, but only to play with the bidet buttons. So far, he prefers the toilet squirting water at him rather than him squirting the toilet. Dangit!

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