Military Tactics

You know how in Army movies, there’s always a training sequence where one guys fails to do all the required pull-ups, or complete the 5 mile run in the required time frame, and so his entire unit has to do something like 500 sit-ups?

I totally used that tactic on my second-born last night.

You see, I have known in my soul that Dylan knows how to sing his ABC’s. He just refuses to do it. I catch him humming along when Ryan sings. I will start to loudly sing “A-B-C” then abruptly stop, and he’ll begin singing “D-E-F” before catching himself and stopping. He just flat out refuses to demonstrate with speech or song his knowledge of the alphabet.

So last night after trying to cajole him, I finally resorted to military tactics. I told him that if he would sing is ABC’s, then everyone could stay up five minutes later and get hot chocolate before bed. But if not…sadly…no hot chocolate.

He belted out the purest Alphabet song you’ve ever heard, complete with “elemenopee”.

In retrospect, my strategy may not have been parenting at it’s finest. If he would have refused, and no one would have gotten hot chocolate, I would have felt like a terrible mother for putting all that pressure on him. Good thing it worked out as planned. He got to be the unit hero instead of the poor sap who can’t ever get over the wall.

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