What is it with this movie?

My five year old and four year old son are both very “boy-ish” little guys. They like to watch sports with their daddy…they like to wrestle….they enjoy getting dirty…they have been known to throw punches at each other if sufficiently irritated.

All that is to say how STUNNED I am that they will both stop down and go into a semi-hypnotic trance to watch High School Musical. Huh? Baffling. I’m shocked that they are interested in a movie involving High School kids doing singing and dancing numbers. I never would have guessed. We just happened to record it one day when it was on the Disney channel. A lot of the kids in the children’s ministry at the church are really into these movies, so I wanted to see what they were all about. I never would have guess the boys’ would get so into it.

Today at the grocery store, Dylan saw a box of cereal with an image of the characters on it, and starts yelling “High School Musical! High School Musical! Mom, can we get it? Please??” This from the kid who generally only wants Spiderman or Batman related products. Cracked me up.

4 comments on “What is it with this movie?

  1. That is too funny. I must admit, I am a closet High School Musical fan myself. Joey totally makes fun of me. I have both of them on our DVR, but it never crossed my mind that my kids might like to watch them. I just like them. (**throat clearing**) don’t tell anyone…and don’t laugh either!

  2. My boys LOVE, LOVE, LOVE High School Musical 1 and 2…both Christmas gifts. Don’t worry, my boys are boys through and through also. Too funny! I think I dream about the songs. AAAHHHH

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