Lost in Laundry for 1 year

This is not my laundry room. But a girl can dream.

One year ago today I started this blog, “Lost in Laundry.”

Over the year, I have manged to get a little better handle on my laundry situation. This is mostly due to people (hi mom!) being completely incredulous that doing my laundry is such a struggle. Apparently shame is a good motivator for me. Ha! Also a few helpful hints from friends have helped me get some good routines in place. I also try and remind myself it wasn’t all that many years ago women didn’t have the luxury of washing machines. And even fewer years ago, I lived in an upstairs apartment with two children and NO washer and dryer. So I really have no excuse, other than laziness, to not have clean clothes in the closets. I still fall off the wagon often enough that my blog name is in no danger of needing a change!

Thanks to family and friends who keep checking in on the exploits of the Cliff family. If you are a faithful reader and have never commented, leave a comment today in honor of the “one year anniversary” so I know you’re out there.

Some of my friends have started blogs in the last year. If you haven’t already checked them out, you should:

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12 comments on “Lost in Laundry for 1 year

  1. Happy first year…You have a gift of sharing the little things in life that really are important…Your family continues to bless mine!!

    blessings on a great 2nd year…


  2. Starr – You’d probably be amazed how many faithful readers you have out here that don’t comment! I enjoy it tremendously — Keep up the good work!

  3. Starr,
    I hope your New Year’s Resolution is to continue to post amazing stories about you and your family because my is to faithfully read your blog whenever I get a chance.
    Happy 1st Year!!! Regina:^)

  4. Hi Starr,
    My name is Mary Beth Loewen. I have been faithfully reading your blog for several months. (but have been on vacation and so am just now replying to this). Your blog has been a great encouragement to me. I have had lots of changes this year. I got married in May and my husband is full time on a church staff. (I really identified with your post awhile back with being glad to sit in church with your husband once in awhile :) I moved to my hubands home town, Calgary, Alberta away from my family in CA. so I have appreciated the thoughts you have shared about making friends in a new place. My husband and I both love the stories you post about the funny things your kids say. We look forward to starting a family in the next year. So there my first comment on your blog is a novel :) Thanks for writing! Congradulations on a year of blogging. Mary Beth
    Oh I found your blog through Daja’s. I’m the “best friend” she occcasionally references.

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