There is a heart rate chart kind of like this one on the treadmills at my gym.

As I walk/jog I periodically check my heart rate, to make sure that I’m not really going to die like I sometimes feel I might.

I will be 30 years old in TWO SHORT MONTHS, but for some reason when I consult the graph, I have been looking at the line for a 25 year old. Why would I do this? I have no idea. It was a totally subconscious decision. My eye just automatically went there. When I was checking my heart rate tonight I just suddenly realized it and thought, “Why in the world aren’t I following the line for a 30 year old?”

Then, after this bit of self-discovery regarding my subconscious denial of my age…..I noticed that almost all the TV’s in the room were tuned to MTV. Except mine. I was enjoying HGTV. Cracked me up.

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