It’s so nice to be thought of

I’ve been a little bit under the weather health-wise. Nothing all that bad…just a cough and a touch of laryngitis. However, since I am participating in my church’s Christmas Program this week, I went to the Dr. as soon as I started losing my voice. Normally, I would have just waited for the cough to pass and my voice to come back, but I need to be able to sing and say my lines by Thursday! So, the Dr. prescribed some medicine and I already feel better. I should be back full force by tomorrow.

I missed church and rehearsal for the program on Sunday because of not feeling well. Today, a friend of mine who is also singing in the program called to ask if she could bring my family dinner. Isn’t that sweet? I had already thrown some stuff in the crock pot to make potato soup, so I had to graciously decline her offer, but I was so touched she thought of me.

The Lord is so good and faithful, and I am continually grateful to have friends who are a reflection of Him. For any of you who are going through a bit of loneliness or just wishing for closer friendships, continue to pray and ask the Lord! Early in my marriage, I went through a season of feeling like Jonathan was the only intimate friend I had (that wasn’t miles and miles away), but now I see that God had me in that place for a reason. I was learning to trust Him and make Him my very best friend, the one I would turn to first in times of heartache or happiness. It was easier for me to pick up the phone and call a friend than hit my knees and call out to God. So I think for a season He just put me in a place where there was no one to call but Him. In His wisdom and love He helped me seek Him for my every need. At the time I was lonely, but now I’m grateful. And I feel like that time in my life helps remind me to be continually grateful for the awesome women of God I have met over the last months and years! (Geesh, this was just going to be a simple paragraph about a phone call from a friend….)

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