December is here! December is here!

For the very first time in the history of my life I will not be in Sand Springs, OK on December 25th. Our family is staying in Lubbock through the holidays. To celebrate this momentous occasion of being in our own home for Christmas, we’ve been thinking of new traditions we want to start with our kids.

So far…..

The Christmas Plate

Every night at dinner someone gets the special “Christmas plate.” Everyone else in the family tells the lucky recipient reasons they are special and loved.


This will be the first time our family has celebrated Advent. I’ve learned in my online searches that there are several ways to create an Advent candleholder – we chose to go with three purple candles, one rose, and one white. Purple representing preparation, and rose representing joy. We will light the white candle on Christmas Eve in celebration of Jesus’ birth! (Traditionally, the Advent candles are in an evergreen wreath, but I decided to just work with what I already had.) Tomorrow, Sunday, we’ll light the first candle and read Isaiah 2:1-5.

The Calendar

This Nativity Calendar was a gift from Mo, and the kids have been looking forward to December 1st since she gave it to them at Thanksgiving. I let Lauryn move the first piece today. She placed the wise man very nicely. He’s not upside down or even crooked. 🙂

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