Dylan is seeing a speech-language pathologist once a week. (Brief history of his speech delay here and here.) Yes, I am a speech-language pathologist. However, the time had come to call in reinforcements. I suspected, and was correct, that Dylan would be willing to work a bit harder to impress a “teacher” than he had been to impress his mom. It’s going well!

This week his homework is practicing the sound of the letter F. He’s doing great! His tendency has been to substitute the “t” sound for the “f” sound. But now he can correctly tell you his age is “FOUR!” instead of “TORE!”, and tell you he has “FEET” instead of “TEET.” Yay for Dylan! I’m very proud of him and how hard he’s working.
Cute conversation we had earlier this week:
“Dylan, how old are you?
“How old is Ryan?”
“How old is Lauryn?”
Apparently he determined that “f” was the magic sound, which added to the beginning of any word would earn him much praise.

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  1. Yea for Dylan!! After reading the other two posts, I just wanted to remind you that you ARE great at what you do, especially at being a mom who cares so much for her kiddos! It is amazing how differently kids respond when being taught by others. Sometimes I never even know if what I’m teaching Wyatt is making any impact on him until someone else brings it out in him–kind of weird!

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