Big Brother

Ryan is really starting to embrace the role of “big brother.” Yesterday, the kids were in the backyard playing, and me and Jonathan were in the house with the back door open, keeping an ear on what they were doing. While they were playing near the fence the neighbor’s dog started barking. This always kind of scares Lauryn, and she generally hightails it for the door and comes in the house. But yesterday, she yelled “BUBBA! DOG!”, and hightailed it across the yard to Ryan. She threw her arms around him, and he knelt down on her level and hugged her and told her not to be scared. So sweet. And so grown-up.

But then tonight he cried when his brother beat him at Candyland. So it’s not like we’re really on the precipice of adulthood or anything.

Lauryn has also discovered that Ryan can pick her up and walk with her, so among her favorite phrases is “Hold me Bubba!” Then they both crack up as he teeters around doing his best not to drop her. Cute.

Lauryn is also getting big kicks out of imitating both her brothers. Which sometimes amuses them, sometimes not. Here’s a picture of her doing her best to keep up with Ryan tonight.

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