Feelin’ My Age (and a few more thoughts)

  • I really hate it when the college kids working the check-in desk at my gym greet the college age students with a “What’s up” or something similarly casual, and greet me with a “Thank you Ma’am.”
  • I think instead of a weight loss goal, my goal will be to be greeted with something other than “Ma’am”! I suppose I should just accept that I’m only five months away from being 30, and being treated like an old lady by 19 year olds is inevitable…but it’s a hard pill to swallow.

  • As part of my new part-time Speech Therapy job in Lubbock, I am being trained in “hippotherapy”; using horses as a therapy tool for disabled children.
  • Today while we rode, a big strip of blue tape was put on our backs, so our classmates could see how the horses move and how our body moves as a result. Side to side? Front to back? Gliding motion or choppy motion? We will learn to pick a horse depending on the nature of the child’s disability, and which movement will be most beneficial to the child. I would have worn different, more flattering pants if I had known everyone would be staring at my backside.
  • Ever since leaving the stables, my lips have had a weird tingling itching feeling. I hope I’m not allergic to horses. I grew up around horses, but never really had all that much to do with them. And I haven’t been around them in years, city dweller that I am.

  • I am really being challenged to change my perspective of cooking and cleaning, and embrace it as part of my ministry as a wife and mom. Currently, I am far from actually “embracing” any part of cooking or cleaning, but I’m asking the Lord to change my mind! I found this post, recommended by Daja, set my mind and heart thinking of my job around here, and the importance of doing all the “little things” as if unto the Lord. (Someone ask me in a month or so how the attitude adjustment is going!) Here’s an excerpt from the post: I am a passionate housewife. I am passionate about the people that I love under this roof, and the lives that will be touched by my ministry here. There is not a moment that goes by that I am not aware of my job. I do not take vacations from it, because it is a part of who I am. It is part of me when I dream at night and among the first thoughts when I wake in the morning. Taking care of people does not drain me; it feeds me. I was created to serve, and it is in service that I find life.

  • I’ve really enjoyed all the questions I’ve been getting about my trip to Japan. Above is a picture of the kids in their “Jimbe’s” that I brought home for them. They’re their new favorite nighties! The boys immediately start doing some crude form of hysterical-looking martial arts whenever they put them on.

3 comments on “Feelin’ My Age (and a few more thoughts)

  1. what a fun post…I’m proud of you for going to the gym…even if you’re called ma’am, at least you’re going! Kind of funny about the horse…I always am challenged when I read things about the house being my ministry…conviction sets in…I know that, but it sure is hard when all I feel like I do is go from kid to kid to kid to kid. Times of rest are sure few and far between! Or, maybe I just whine to much. 🙂 Your kids look great in their Jimbe’s!!

  2. OMG! One of the other Starr’s we graduated with turned 30 last week. I asked her if she felt grown up yet. Her answer is still no.

    Thank goodness!

    The kids at L’il C’s school call me Ms.(insert last name). I make them call me by my first name. I refuse to be thought of as OLD! HA!

  3. Regarding being called ma’am, yesterday at the office, I was paid a visit by one of our vendors. When she was leaving, she said to me, “Thank you ma’am” and told our receptionist (who is ONLY 2 years younger than I) “It was so nice to meet you, YOUNG LADY.” WHAT? When did I go from Young Lady to Ma’am? It’s very disturbing.

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