Sticky Hands, Full Bellies, and Happy Hearts

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“There is nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate.”

Lauryn and her two friends seriously enjoyed these fudgsicles – all the way down to their toes. Literally! A crazy messy treat, but this cute picture my friend took makes it worth the time we spent in clean up. And at least we’ve been around the block enough to know to just remove their clothes entirely before passing out dripping, melting, chocolate on a stick to one year olds. (By some miracle, Ryan and Dylan kept remarkably clean. Either they are learning to be somewhat neat, or they consumed the fudgsicle so fast there was no melting involved. Likely the latter.)

We’re so grateful for the God-given friendships we’re making in Lubbock. Meeting other stay at home moms with small children has been an answer to my prayers. Slowly but surely Lubbock is becoming “home.” Every week something happens to confirm that we have made the right choice in coming here. God is good.

3 comments on “Sticky Hands, Full Bellies, and Happy Hearts

  1. Isn’t it funny how you grow to love the place He places you? I think it’s more of a love for the people than the place.

    It seems like the whole Cliff Clan is adjusting well. Praise God!

  2. O.k.Starr,
    I look at this picture and for a brief moment I am thinking to myself…
    -When did Starr take my son David?
    -You have stripped him down
    -You have given him a fudgesicle

    This is of course because this child looks just like my child but isn’t. I had such a brain blurb for a moment. Miss Ya!!!

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