Ittekimasu means “I’m leaving” in Japanese. (Well, it does if the web page I was looking at is giving accurate information. Hopefully I didn’t just post a vile Japanese cuss word.)

And leaving for Japan is just what I’m doing 36 hours from now! In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, at 3:30am, I’m headed to the Lubbock Airport for the first leg of a long trip to visit my best friend in Japan. Woo-whoo! I will leave the states on Tuesday morning and arrive in Tokyo on Wednesday afternoon.

Lisa and I have been friends since Jr. High. Lisa, her husband Keith, and their three children live, work, and do ministry in Japan. They have been there about four years now.

Lisa is turning 30 years old on Thursday, and for her 30th birthday present her husband is flying me to Japan. Pretty great, huh? This is the first, and probably only time I will be someone’s birthday present. I feel completely honored. It was supposed to be a surprise, but Lisa found about the plan mere days after it was contrived. Oh well – it’s probably better that way, given her planning nature. She created and mailed me an itinerary for the trip! Awesome.

I’ll be gone for a total of seven days. I’m going to miss my husband and my kids like crazy! That I will miss them incredibly is all I will say on the subject, for fear the tears will start to flow. I will say that I took a video of myself singing Lauryn’s “Nite-Nite Song” and reading some of the boys’ story books. I suspect that Jonathan thinks I’m a little weird for doing so, but he promised he would play the videos for them!

Shameless praise of my incredible husband: While I’m off having a great time all over the country of Japan, Jonathan will be here in Lubbock with the three kids. He’ll have six mornings of getting every body ready – clothes, backpacks, and lunches. He can do it. He’s incredible. Awesome. Amazing. Generous. Phenomenal. Some husbands might not be up for it, but he won’t have any problems. He already does at least half the work around here anyway. (I wish I could say I was just saying that last part about work to make him feel good, but it’s actually the truth.)

I’m sure my next post will include pictures of me and Lisa in Japan. Waku waku suru! (I’m excited!)

I checked out a book from the library to read on the plane:
JAPAN: It’s History and Culture.
(Yes, as a matter of face, I am kind of a nerd.)

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  1. AWESOME! I am completely jealous. Not just that you get to go to Japan, but also that you are loved so well that you are considered the “birthday present.” Lucky you and lucky Lisa. Have fun!

  2. Travel safe!!!…have a great time…tell little pastor to call me if he needs help with the kids…I can bring my two boys to be with yours, and he and I can watch FOOTBALL!!!!


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