How Embarrassing

This Tuesday, I called a friend and invited her go to lunch on Wednesday. Jonathan heard me making plans, and started gesturing for me to put the phone down and talk to him. I held up one finger like “Wait just a minute! I’m on the phone!” Finally he said “Starr, put the phone down.” So I asked my friend to hold on for a sec….and Jonathan reminded me that I had to go to WORK on Wednesday. (Generally I only work on Mon and Fri, but I had to attend a training meeting Wednesday.) So, I had to explain to my new friend (who is not yet familiar with the fact that I really
am a fairly intelligent and competent person), that I have to cancel the plans I just called her to make. Nothing like inviting, and then immediately un-inviting someone to lunch.

Today, I get the boys ready and we head out to a 4 year-olds birthday party at a friends house, birthday gift in hand. We pull up, ring the door bell….and we are there a DAY EARLY. That’s right…the party isn’t until Sunday.

Oh, and did I mention this is the SAME NEW FRIEND that I invited to lunch on the day I had to work??? Luckily, she is super sweet and tried to play down the fact that I obviously need some sort of time management intervention as well as training in the proper use of a calendar.

But I still love myself! Ha!

4 comments on “How Embarrassing

  1. This was a funny post. Sorry it is at your disadvantage though. (Those do seem to make the funniest posts.)

    I do remember you. I didn’t realize you could do a search by hometown. I will have to check into that.

    I hope you are doing well. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will have to add yours on my blogroll so I can know where to find you.

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