5 comments on “Putting her teeth to good use

  1. I sort of created that deception of the clean outfit…I cropped the picture so you couldn’t see the big splatter of ranch style beans down the front of her dress. WHY don’t I remember to put a bib on this child? I have gotten really good at removing stains.

    1. marsu,purkka ei maadu, eikä myöskään se pussi, jossa sitä myydään. Siksi syön itse Xylibonin pastilleja, jotka on pahirvasiassa ja niissä on enemmän ksylitolia (jopa 90%!) kuin purkassa.

    2. Ahhhhhh to travel and to have the taste of a new destination in your mouth! I ate a colossal breakfast of bread and vegetables, poked my head in market stalls on the main shopping street, gawked at the incredible Hagia Sofia and dodged they rain in the Blue Mosque. This, and ate a whole bunch of baklava. Clearly I remember all of the eating I did in Turkey!!

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