Hair Bow Mania

If you look at many of the pictures on my blog, you may notice that Lauryn is never without a hair bow. This is because a friend of the family has lovingly made her one million of them. (Almost a million – and we’re so grateful for every single one of them! Lauryn loves her bows and has been known to wear upwards of 10 at a time when she’s playing at home.)

I had been keeping the bows in a basket under the bathroom sink, but as our collection increased that wasn’t working out so well. Her beloved bows were getting squished, and I was forgetting what they all looked like, given the vast selection.

So, in spite of my un-craftiness, I set about creating a bow storage solution today. I am quite proud of myself; it turned out super cute, and cost less than 10 bucks to make. I’m disappointed in the pictures because the colors look muted, but you get the general idea:

Hanging in the corner between the closet and the armoire.

Wal-Mart sells these little flower hooks in the craft section for less than $2.
I painted them pink, white, and green; the color is much brighter than in the photo.

I painted a dowel rod purple and cut it to length with a handi-saw. Yay for little power tools!
I used sticky velcro coins on the purple ribbon to create a loop at the top so it could slide onto the rod.
Gotta love a no-sew project!

A bow for every season.

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