No Interpretation Needed!

I had a new friend over to the house today. Every time Dylan would talk to her, “Come look at my bunk bed!”, or “See my swimsuit? It has Cars on it!”, I would start to interpret for him. (See previous posts here and here about his somewhat unclear speech, making me feel I was losing my credibility as a Speech Pathologist.) But before I could begin to clarify what he said, she would respond to him, “Okay, I’d love to see your bunk bed!” or “Oh cool! I like the movie Cars!” Her child is only 16 month old, and she doesn’t spend a lot time around kids, so I was so impressed that she understood him so well.

Later in the day I mentioned that she understood his speech very well, and she said “Really? He just sounds like a normal three year old to me.” Hallelujah! Maybe we are making some progress!

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