Biscuit Pizzas

When I was about Ryan’s age, my mom was the leader of my “Little Sparks” troop. (At least I think I was Ryan’s age, and I think the group was called “Little Sparks”; I definitely remember that our t-shirts were bright red with a smiling flame on it.) For one cooking project we made “biscuit pizzas”, and I remember all of us thinking it was so cool.

My kids love making them too!

Smash a biscuit, pile on some spaghetti sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.

Not for those with sophisticated palates. High on fun; low on yum.

3 comments on “Biscuit Pizzas

  1. This works great for sleep over b-day party’s too! Brandy and her friends thought it was the neatest idea.

    Ms. M

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