Wasted Domestic Effort

Usually when I make Beans and Cornbread, I buy a bag of pinto beans…go through them for dirt clods….soak them overnight….cook them all day with spices and onion and ham.

This week I decided to make Beans and Cornbread (a weird meal in the summer heat, but I was desperate for some variety), but this time I bought canned Bush’s Brand Pinto Beans. I threw them in a pot with some ham and they were ready in less than the time it takes to make cornbread. (Jiffy boxed brand of course – never made homemade cornbread in my life.) My family loved them and ate them MUCH better than they eat the beans that are a two day process to make. I’m a little insulted.

2 comments on “Wasted Domestic Effort

  1. I am impressed. I never once have used the dry beans – just the thought of all that work made me avoid it all together. (When we had WIC, I got a bag of dry beans every couple weeks and they are still in my cabinet. I use them for craft projects for the kids…noisemakers and what not) Anyway, back to the canned pinto beans – Rebekah Jackson taught me how to make burritos using them. Just dump the whole can (liquid and all) in a skillet and cook until the liquid is less liquidy (is that a word?) Also, add a little bit of garlic salt seasoning while they are cooking. Then eat rolled up in a tortilla with some cheese. Yum. Somehow, I have convinced myself that this type of “homemade” burrito is more healthy than the canned refried beans.

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