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  1. As I continue to loose weight 85 lb’s now). I go through my closet and take out what I can no longer wear and put them in the laundry room. My mom goes through my “old” stuff and takes what she wants even though it is too big for her too.

    She then complains that we don’t have enough hangers. I finally laughed at her and said, “well if you didn’t take my stuff that you can’t wear either then we would have more hangers.”

    She then went to Wal-mart and bought more… But, she stopped taking what I can’t wear. She told me to stop giving her the stuff, she’s NOT going to fit into them…


  2. I don’t think I will EVER know what it is like to have all of our clothes clean at once. I bet we would have a hanger shortage as well! Good for you…I hope it happens more often but then you’ll have to change your blog title which is catchy, so nevermind!

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