Our Weekend

My Mom, aka Granny, arrived for a visit last Thursday. This had been a long awaited visit, being the first of our family to make a trip to Lubbock.

Everything started out great! First off, Mom treated us all to a steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Thursday night. (Steaks for the grown-ups, mac-n-cheese for the wee ones.) Texas Roadhouse is fun for the boys – they get to eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. Good times.

Ryan turns five years old next weekend (how is that even possible?) so we told our waiter we were celebrating his birthday while his Granny was in town. Here he is sitting on a saddle while the waiter announces that “Brian is turning four years old!” Slightly wrong information, but Ryan didn’t seem to care.

Friday morning Mom and I took the kids to Lubbock’s very own Krispy Kreme Donuts. Mom had never been to a Krispy Kreme, so the kids had fun showing her how the donuts are made.

Unfortunately, it was raining and yucky weather all weekend, so since the park wasn’t an option after donuts we went to the playland at the mall.

Jonathan watched the kids Friday afternoon while Mom and I did some clothes shopping. Friday evening, Mom offered to watch the kids while Jonathan and I went to dinner and a movie. We obviously jumped all over that offer. So we had a nice dinner and went to watch Spiderman 3.

On the way home we called Mom to see how everything was going and if the kids were asleep yet. That’s pretty much when everything went downhill. Quickly.

While Jonathan and I were out enjoying a nice evening, Mom was back home taking care of a very sick Dylan, cleaning up projectile vomit. (He hadn’t shown any symptoms earlier in the day! Really!) We spent all night up with him, and over the next 24 hours me, mom, and Jonathan got sick to varying degrees as well. Unfortunately, mom got the worst of it. I hope she doesn’t forever have negative associations of Lubbock!

Even though she was still running a fever on Sunday morning before flying back to Arkansas that afternoon, she bravely visited Prairie Dog Town for the sake of Ryan, who had been very excited to take her there.

What a crazy weekend. Luckily, we had fun on Thursday evening and Friday before everything fell apart late Friday night!

And, since we didn’t get to do even half of the things on our agenda, there will be lots to do and see next time she’s here. (If we can convince her to come back that is.)

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