We’re losing our “code language”

Last night after dinner there was a crazy amount of food on the floor around Lauryn. (A result of letting a 1 year fed herself Taco Salad.)

Jonathan said: “Man, I wish we had a D – O – G to clean this up.” [spelling out “dog”, as to not remind the kids that we had just given ours away]

Ryan says: “D – O – G? What’s that? Duh…aww….gg. Dog? You wish we had a dog?”

Our days of spelling out words are numbered. It’s time to find a more sophisticated code language.

3 comments on “We’re losing our “code language”

  1. My parents spoke a secret language they called Tut. They said they would never explain it to us until we could figure it out for ourselves. Too bad we understood it long before we let on! LOL

  2. I truly empathize with you–we’ve been busted over here too. Claire is walking around trying to spell EVERYTHING these days. Thanks to those dang LeapFrog videos (blasted words factory!!!)

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