Serious Vegetable Aversion

My nephew Connor is the most adorable baby you could ever hope to meet. Not only is he precious and sweet to look at, he also has a wonderful little temperament. He is all smiles and giggles.

Well…all smiles and giggles until his mom presented him with baby food green beans for the first time…

Who knew that such a sweet little face could communicate such displeasure? And if this is the look he gives for green beans, I wonder what he’ll do when forced to consume spinach? In my mind, baby food spinach is infinitely worse. Sorry Connor, but there are worse flavors yet to come.

One thought on “Serious Vegetable Aversion

  1. Baby food out of a jar is disgusting! Babies are right to be grossed out! I’ve never bought baby food. Just can’t do it.

    My favorite picture is the middle one. Looks like it’s gettin’ him right in the back of the throat. :-)

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