Old Habits Die Hard

Old habits die hard, but I’m hoping new habits can be acquired as well.

We have our home for sale, so we’ve been working to keep it looking presentable all the time. Now that we have decided to sell it “For Sale by Owner”, we’ve had even more frequent showings with even less time to prepare.

Sunday mornings are a little stressful. Getting myself plus three kids ready for church, PLUS making sure the house is clean before we leave pushes the limits of what I am capable of. In the past on Sunday mornings, the house generally looked like a tornado had passed through. My strategy for getting ready for church had been to let the kids pull out as many toys as it took to keep them happy, so I could have a solid 20 minutes to “put my face on” as my Grandpa would say. (I suppose I could just wake up before they do and get ready, but that would be betraying all I hold dear. Namely, sleep.)

So now that I’ve been living in this new clean reality for a few weeks, I wonder if I can keep it up even after our house sells? I wonder if living this way for a month or so is enough to develop a habit of keeping my laundry under control? My husband can (and will) continue to pray.

2 comments on “Old Habits Die Hard

  1. We’ve sold 4 houses in the 10 years we’ve been married. 2 of them by owner. “Been there. Done that. Did NOT want the t-shirt!” I’ll be praying for your sanity. Don’t put to much pressure on yourself to have a ‘show ready’ house after you move. The reason you have such awesome, happy, kids, evident by your blogs, is that you have been focusing on the right things – God and your family (and sleep). Don’t get me wrong, no one thrives in chaos, but a pile of laundry and some toys on the floor do not equal an out of control house.

  2. If these new found ‘cleanliness’ experiences become habit forming….you may have to change the name of your blog!!!

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