The 23rd Psalm has never sounded so cute.

Apparently Ryan has been memorizing part of the 23rd Psalm at preschool. (Either that or it’s been dropped supernaturally into his brain, because I know he hasn’t learned it at home or at church yet.) I overheard him yesterday reciting it to himself as he was playing. He was saying it perfectly as I was eavesdropping, but he got a little bit camera shy when I made the video!

As I watch this again, I wonder if he knows that “Yea” has a different meaning than “Yay!”? In a four year olds world, “yay” generally means, “Yay, we get ice cream!” or “Yay! I don’t have to take a nap!” I wonder if in his little mind he’s wondering, “Why should I be so thrilled to be walking through the valley of the shadow of death?”

One thought on “The 23rd Psalm has never sounded so cute.

  1. That was AWESOME!!!…Only if we adults could express our love for our Shepherd like you son has…You could tell he meant those words…

    Proud to be in “The Hamper”


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