Giving Praise

Jonathan and I try to praise our kids every chance we get: “Very nice sharing”…”I like how you told your brother he did a good job”….”Thank you for being quick to obey”….”Great job using your manners”…etc. Even though I was ranting earlier in the week about the dangers of raising kids to be self-centered, I do still very much believe in the power of positive reinforcement; and of course every loving parent enjoys being able to praise their child.

It’s been a hoot to listen to the boy’s imitate us in their interaction with Lauryn. Just this morning I’ve heard Dylan say, “Good talking Lauryn!”….”Thank you for cleaning up Lauryn!”…”You look so pretty in that hair bow Lauryn!”

But the all time greatest praise giving happened a few months ago, when Jonathan took Dylan into the bathroom at a restaurant. We had been spending a great deal of time every day praising Dylan for his potty-training efforts. As they were exiting the crowded public restroom, Dylan loudly announces, “GREAT JOB Daddy! You went pee-pee in the potty!!!

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