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Today it hit me, I mean really hit me, that I really need to get a handle on this laundry situation. It’s only going to get WORSE as my kids get older, because their clothes keep getting bigger and bigger! Which will make the piles of laundry around my home truly all consuming. It’s already close to being a fire hazard some days.

I was a little depressed at this thought….then moments later, I had a wonderful revelation! While the kids are getting bigger, and their clothes are getting bigger, this means that they are getting closer and closer to that magical time when they can do their OWN stinkin’ laundry! Hooray!

So…whaddya think? Five years old is old enough to learn to run a washing machine, right? (Just teasing. Sorta.)

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  1. Starr- Do you have a laundry hamper with three compartments for darks, mediums and lights? I have one and it changed my world (okay, maybe that is an overstatement.) Anyway, it keeps me from having piles on the floor all the time and when people come over, I can easily roll it back into my closet. Mostly just getting rid of the piles all over the floor was a huge help. That way I am not constantly stepping over the sorted piles of dirty laundry. I don’t know…just a suggestion. My problem now is not keeping up with laundry, it is actually putting the clean laundry away. I make a thousand trips upstairs every day, but I can’t seem to convince myself to take a stack of clean laundry with me…what is up with that?

  2. okay Starr…I seriously could have written that a while ago, but then (not that you probably want any advice, so I apologize in advance) I started realizing that the reason I had too much laundry was because we had too many clothes/towels. The more clothes/towels we had to wear/use, the longer I could put off laundry…this led to even bigger mountains of laundry. Anyway, I got rid of TONS and TONS of clothes (donated to local thrift store for tax deduction…not put aside for future garage sale) and threw away towels that needed to be tossed!! I seriously evaluated what clothes that the kids wore that I liked vs. what clothes they wore because all of the clothes that I liked were dirty. Anyway…it really helped my laundry situation. Just a suggestion!

  3. Well, maybe a five year old cannot run the washing machine (I think I was running it when I was seven, though) but they can help with laundry. My kids are 5,4,3, and 16 months. They older three sort laundry, carry it to the laundry room, fold laundry (especially towels) and they put their own clothes away. I’m basically the one who measures out the soap and pushes the buttons. Well, that and the one who says, “It’s time to do laundry. Get yourselves over here!” 🙂

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel! 🙂


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