Some Cliches Are True. They Do Grow Up Too Fast.

Reader alert: If mothers who go on and on about their children bore you, then you should probably avoid this blog. This posting in particular. Grandparents – read on!

I am often tempted to treat Lauyrn like a baby because…well…because she is my baby. But she’s nearly 16 months old now and quickly reaching the “toddler” designation. Today she impressed us all (brothers included) with her pretending: acting like she’s feeding her baby doll with her play dishes (and occasionally having a pretend bite for herself of course), and putting her baby doll to sleep and covering it up with a blanket.

She also loves to carry around bags with handles, so today I finally dug out an old purse to let her play with. Check her out with her Daddy’s watch (a big no-no – we’re not sure how she got her hands on it!) and my purse on her arm.

Mealtimes have been a bit trying with Lauryn lately. Yelling and squealing in an insanely irritating tone is her main form of communication once she is put in her highchair. So we decided we would buy another chair for the dinner table and get her a booster seat. She thinks she is hot stuff.

In other Lauryn news, she is continuing her streak of falling asleep anywhere, anytime. Yesterday after lunch it was the highchair. If you click on the following picture to enlarge it and look carefully, you may be able to see the big red streak across her forehead caused by her head crashing down onto the rim of her highchair when she zonked out.

And finally, and few quick shots to let you share in the adventure of trying to take a close up picture of a 1 year old. I tried to get a picture of her feeding her doll, but I was within “camera grabbing” range and it proved impossible.

On a side note, I went to a Sam Moon store for the first time today. They will DEFINITELY be getting more of my hard earned money! That place is awesome. (My husband deserves the credit for my great Sam Moon experience…he took the kids to a nearby Toys’R’Us for a solid half hour so I could shop in peace. Yea husband!)

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