Little Brother gets to be Big Brother

Ryan went back to preschool today for the first time after Christmas Break. He attends two days per week, and when Ryan goes to school it’s always an interesting time for Dylan. He gives Ryan a hearty goodbye, waves as the car drives down the street, and then it’s party time! No one to fight with over who gets to play with a favorite toy (at least until Lauryn gets a little older)…he gets to decide what he wants to watch on TV…he gets to help mom prepare lunch and load the dishwasher (strangely, a favorite activity)…and he has to share mom’s attention with one less person.

This morning almost as soon as Ryan had left, Dylan crawled up to the top bunk (Ryan’s bed) and looked all around his room, surveying his kingdom. Funny. He decided he would like to play with his farm set, and when I got it out for him he immediately began telling Lauryn which animal she should play with. (Generally it’s Ryan telling Dylan.)

All of this revelry ususally lasts for a couple hours. Then it hits Dylan that life without his brother isn’t quite as fun as life with him, and he starts asking repeatedly, “Can we go pick up Bubba?”

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